What will your house look with a new roof?

Wind & Hail Restoration

In addition to our flood and fire restoration services, our company is also one of the leaders in the industry in wind and hail damage claims. We have helped 1000’s of customers restore their properties due to damage from wind and hail ranging from siding to roofing and gutters to name a few. Anything on the exterior of your home or property that is exposed to the elements may indeed receive damage from one of these types of weather events. The professionals at our company assess these damages, prepare an itemized report for your insurance company, and coordinate a time to meet your adjuster on the property to discuss the details. As with our flood and fire restoration, when our company reaches a fair and equitable settlement with your insurance provider, we then coordinate a time to meet with you and your family members to discuss the settlement and the construction project. All aspects of the construction project are discussed and thoroughly explained leaving no questions unanswered. We want to assure that you feel comfortable with our company and the work that will be performed. These repairs are all performed from the proceeds of the insurance claim settlement with no out of pocket expense other than your insurance deductible and any upgrades you may decide upon. Let us help keep your insurance company honest and your construction project a success!

Shingle Roofing
By far, the number one covering over commercial and residential steep-sloped roofs of the United States is shingles. Developed over a century ago, the more common paper based asphalt shingle has come far; giving way to a more durable and affordable fiberglass reinforced and recycled rubber shingles. Available in a variety of colors and textures, as well as length of warranty, new technologies in shingle roof tile manufacturing are helping consumers contribute to LEED® credit requirements with the development of Energy Star rated roof shingles, which qualify for tax rebates and credits.

Wood Shake Roofing
Natural cedar shake and shingle roofs go beyond enhancing the appearance of your roof, it reflects pride of ownership and, most important, shows an intelligent sense of value. When comparing natural wood shake shingles to other traditional metal or asphalt options, you'll find wood shingles a comparable alternative for weather-defying protection, insulation, and structural strength. Additionally, as a renewable resource, natural wood shake shingles are also non-toxic, energy efficient to produce, recyclable and biodegradable.

Slate Roofing
Natural quarried slate has proven itself for centuries as a serviceable, waterproof roof covering. While one of the more expensive roofing systems up front, slate roofs are arguably one of the least expensive alternatives when the entire lifespan is taken into account. Longevity however is not their only quality as slate tiles are also inherently eco-friendly. Made from natural stone, slate tiles require no chemicals or manufacturer additives to bring out their naturally occurring colors. More so, should they need to be replaced, slate tiles can be discarded as clean land fill, or in some cases, recycled and used for roofing again.

Modified Bitumen Roofing
Modified Bitumen (MB) roof systems, like Built-up Roof Systems, are designed primarily for low-slope or flat roof structures, however instead of alternating 3-5 layers of bitumen and membrane, a polymer-bitumen impregnated membrane is rolled out and applied in two layers through either a hot-mop, torch, or cold adhesive process. Like the traditional BUR systems, there are numerous surfacing options, including mineral, gravel and highly-reflective Energy Star rated "cool roof" coatings which can help save on building cooling costs.
The latest innovation with MB is self-adhering sheets, which contain a release paper back so as the sheet is rolled out, it adheres itself to the substrate. This method eliminates any risk associated with the use of hot asphalt and is free of VOC (volatile organic chemicals) fumes during and after application.

Concrete & Clay Tile Roofing
Available in a wide variety of designer-inspired colors and profiles, which can enhance any exterior style, Concrete and Clay Roof Tiles are a beautiful, durable, fire retardant material for a variety of structures. Properly installed, concrete and clay roof tiles remain the only roofing material proven to withstand wind speeds in excess of 125 miles per hour and are a highly cost-effective choice when you compare its 50-100 year lifecycle. Furthermore, concrete and tile roofs also contribute to achieving LEED points, and reduce energy usage costs in warmer climates due in part to improved air circulation created between the roof tiles and the structure decking.

Metal Tile Roofing
Metal roofing has a long, successful history, and proven track record of durability on both new construction and remodeling projects for commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. As a result, metal roofing has low life-cycle costs making it the product of choice of many schools, shopping centers, hotels, restaurants, government facilities and institutional building owners. Made from either light-weight aluminum, steel or stainless steel, today's metal roof tiles come in a variety colors and are indistinguishable from most common roofing material, such as asphalt shingle, wood shake, clay tile and slate. Additionally, with today's heightened interest in ecologically sound building materials, metal tile roofs have inherent energy efficient qualities, are 100% recyclable, and produced from a significant amount of recycled content.

Maintainance Program
Our maintenance program consists of an overall inspection of the entire roofing system, resealing and repainting any deteriorated pipe flashings, cleaning in and around all penetrations, drains, scuppers, rain gutters, valleys as well as complete necessary roof repairs in order to maintain the life expectancy of the roof.
Report to the property management, property owner, or property association any improper roof penetrations or roof work completed by other companies.
The above items are included in our maintenance program and are to be performed on an annual basis for a period determined after a thorough inspection is completed.

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